PRINCE2 Course in Belfast

prince2 training course

PRINCE2 is used throughout Northern Ireland and across the world. PRINCE2 is expanding rapidly in Eastern Europe and as such Axelos has created new content in many different languages.

The below video will explain PRINCE2 in more detail. Please get in touch with our friends at Knowledge Tree Training for PRINCE2 Courses in Northern Ireland.

PRINCE2 is offered by Axelos and it is examined by a company called Peoplecert. Peoplecert are the only official exam provider for PRINCE2, and as such the distribute the exams and other resources.

PRINCE2 is a proven project management method and it is the UK’s leading certification. There are a number of licensed Training providers in the UK for PRINCE2. Only licensed PRINCE2 training providers are allowed to sell/train people in PRINCE2, so be careful when choosing.

How to take Over Someone Else’s PRINCE2 Project Seamlessly

There are numerous reasons why you might be asked to take over a PRINCE2 project that someone else has already started. The initial project manager may have left the company or moved onto a different piece of work, for example.

It is also possible that the change has been made because things have been going badly so far. Whatever the reason, it is important to understand how you can get involved with as little disruption as possible.

After all, this is a terrific opportunity to get off to a flying start and show that you are ready for whatever challenges come your way.

Don’t Just Dive In

If the timescales are extremely tight then it can be tempting to dive in and try to get things moving from the very first day. Yet, the danger in doing this is that you might not know exactly what needs done or what has gone wrong. You might make a mistake by not having done enough research.

You will need some time to look through the plan and other business documents so that you can see what has gone on in the past. If you are really under pressure then it might mean reading everything at home over the weekend to get you up to speed.

Once you have got a solid grounding on the project you will feel a lot more comfortable about moving it forward. The risks and issues will be clearer in your head, and you won’t be left guessing or hoping that you have understood it all.  

Don’t Blame the Old Project Manager for Everything

In a situation like this, the easiest move is to just blame everything on the old project manager. This is a handy ‘get out of jail free’ card when any problems crop up, especially if they have now left the company.

However, this is just going to make it look as though you are looking for excuses. Everyone knows that you didn’t start the project off, but it is your job to finish it now. After a while, other people will start to find that this excuse starts to grate with them, as you seem to be looking to avoid taking any responsibility for the project.

Instead, you should look in the first few days to flag up anything that has been done wrongly. You can then point this out the stakeholders and suggest how it can be fixed. In this way, you can put your own stamp on the work right away and take full responsibility for it.

Get the Team on Your Side

How have the team reacted to this change of project leader? It is important that you gauge their reaction and then work out how to get them fully on their side. Are they relieved about the change or are they wary about what could happen now?

You will want to build up a strong team bond and get everyone pulling together. A good way to do this is to sort out everyone’s training needs. If you need to arrange your own PRINCE2 training then what do your team members need to get arranged at the same time?

As well as the specific training courses, you should be looking at the overall skills that are needed for their individual development plans. This means finding out what their hopes for the future are, and then helping them to work towards these dreams.

Taking over a project from someone else is rarely plain sailing. However, by following these simple pieces of advice you can get going with as little fuss as possible.