PRINCE2 Course – here’s how to dominate.

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The best way to get certified for PRINCE2 is generally to attend a PRINCE2 Course. The PRINCE2 Training is a great way to get to know other aspiring project managers and become proficient with a qualified PRINCE2 instructor. Instructors are certified by Axelos. Axelos own the PRINCE2 brand and method

The titanic in Belfast was one big project!

PRINCE2 an excellent qualification to get certified in and is used across the globe in all companies, large and small. Our partners Knowledge Tree training are certified PRINCE2 course providers.

How to Stay Motivated for Better PRINCE2 Projects

Do you worry that you might lose your spark after working for a while as a project manager? You might think that your motivation levels will naturally drop over as you struggle to find new things to keep you interested.

Yet, this doesn’t have to be the case at all. By going about this role in the right way you will ensure that you carry on feeling motivated as you take on each new project given to you.

Set Yourself New Challenges

If you settle into a comfort zone then there is far more chance of you eventually losing motivation. Isn’t this what happens to most people in any type of job. Once you feel that you are comfortable you might discover that you no longer feel the same drive as before.

Why not set yourself some new challenges that help to drive you on? You could aim for promotion, for bigger projects or for better feedback from your stakeholders. We all need something like this to keep us looking forward eagerly and with some doubts about whether we can achieve it.

There is no need to share these challenges with others if you don’t want to. Just be sure to never lose sight of them whenever you need an extra push in the right direction.

Keep Learning

One of the best things about project management is that there many possibilities for carrying on learning throughout your career. There is no need to ever feel that you have reached a stage at which there is nothing left for you to learn now.

Instead, you can carry on looking for new things to learn. The starting point is with your PRINCE2 training, which will give you the basic skills needed to run projects. After this, you can decide what other skills you want to learn for your future career.

You can choose to learn technical skills or else to concentrate on soft skills. A lot depends upon your current strengths and weaknesses, as well as how you want your career to progress from now on.

Look for New Ways of Working

Will you always work in exactly the same way? Well, if you want to stay highly motivated then you don’t have to. Discovering new ways of working could be exactly what you need to feel as though this role remains as exciting as it was at the start.

You could look into using new technology, for example. Will the likes of artificial intelligence or virtual reality be of use to you in your projects? Even just using new software tools can be enough to give you back that spark.

You might also want to consider where you want to work from home or with more flexible working hours. Taking charge of a remote project team is another way of working that can put a lot of fun back into your days.

Get the Best Team You Can

Will the quality of team you lead have an effect on how motivated you remain? Some project managers make the mistake of surrounding themselves with mediocre team members.

The truth is that you are far more likely to stay in top form if you have a great team around you. Having top quality business analysts should help you to remain fresh, especially if you are highly competitive and want to show your ability.

By doing all of these things, you can keep working to a high level and with a good level of motivation. Project management is the sort of role that will give you plenty of rewards over the years if you put in some effort to stay motivated.